(somehow i got the italics stuck on this post.  can’t turn them off.)


so i decided to quit being a wimp and get my butt outside. i bundled up the kids in their gear, put hosanna into the little umbrella stroller (doesn’t work so well on snowy sidewalks, but too hard to get the bigger one into some of the stores….)and headed out (30 minutes later) down the street to “the clothesline”, which is our local second-hand shop. i LOVE to go thrift store shopping!
so, we arrive at the store after battling the COLD, biting wind and snowy sidewalks. (i have no mitts either, for some reason….like they keep walking off???!?!?!)
i find a cute jacket.  yay!
i make my way slowly through about 1/4 of the store…hosanna’s fussy….she’s whining and distracting me.
then joshijah informs me he has to go pee. no potties at this store. argh. i consider telling him to “just go”….until i remember that he’s not wearing any pull-ups. just some curious george undies.zero absorbancy.shucks.*sigh*

ok. better be the responsible parent that i am.

we paid for the jacket and high-tailed it home.
another adventurous day in the life of me.
did i tell you all that i am going to norway with jeremy in march!?
yep.  for 10 days.


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