title-less wednesday

the sun is shining today, and i’m off to my friend julie’s for a play-date!

my baby’s gonna be 3 next week!  i can’t believe it. 

i guess i’m gonna plan a good ol’ lightning mcqueen birthday party!  whoot!

well, happy wednesday to you all….

coming up soooooooon:   100 things about me.   (i bet you can’t wait!)

oh, and here’s what i’ve been feeding my husband every morning for breakfast for the past 2 weeks…. he actually likes it….and feels better when he drinks it!


ingredients:    organic bananas (frozen)  1 or 2
                         organic apples  1 or 2
                         raw spinach   (handful)
                         raw baby field greens–mesclun mix  (handful)
                         dollop of honey 
                         teaspoon of ground flax seed
                         water (to engage the blender blades)

blend, blend, drink and enjoy!   the kids love these “superman smoothies” as well. 



8 responses to “title-less wednesday

  1. have a fun sunny play day…!

    ….bundle up…it’s chilly…
    huggles, Omi

  2. thanks mom. 🙂
    i will.
    i’m so tired of bundling up.
    have a good day. 🙂

  3. that looks…..rather not so good. but it sounds good. does that count? i may try one of these one day….if only i knew what mesclan mix meant. is it a type of greens? what does this do? give you energy? immunity booster? powerpack of vitamins and daily required fruits and veggies? 🙂 I’m really very curious! do you just have that for breakfast or is it “part of this complete breakfast”? and i love those glasses! i love hearts.

  4. hey melanie…you should bottle and sell this “power drink” Go Green Gurl! yusssss

  5. annie…
    the mesclun mix that i use is just a mix of all types of young lettuc-y leaves. i think it’s got some dandelion, spinach, arugula, radicchio, etc.
    they do give more energy, and are really good for people who just want to up their intake of raw green veggies. and fruits.
    jeremy usually just has one of these for breakfast. if he’s hungry he’ll have toast too…but usually not.
    its pretty filling because of the banana.
    you should try it! its actually really yummy!

  6. oh and those glasses are actually the ones that the “pom” tea drinks come in. i love them too. thanks!

  7. Wow that stuff looks SCARRR-Y! I’ll take your word for the fact that it really is delish and that it makes you healthy. Hmmm… your kids seem to be very good about eating/drinking what you serve. Props to Mellalittle!

  8. hey thanks! and if i had paid attention i would have realized it said pom right there on the glasses. i was dazed by the green drink and hearts. i’ll have to look for this field green mix, now. it sounds … good for you! 🙂

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