For awhile there, I thought that our kids were all hip and cool with their nalgene sippy cups.  UNTIL….it was announced that the plastics used to make these cups and so many other cups, baby bottles, etc. are the worst kind of plastic for leaching the chemical  BPA, (a synthetic sex hormone that mimics estrogen) which can cause fertility problems, cancer, etc.

95% of all baby bottles and cups on the market are made with BPA, at levels which can disrupt their development.  

If you want to read about it, this is a good article

Anyway, I went ahead and ordered some of these

(this is not my kid)**

I’m excited to get them in the mail soon!  And let’s hope they come out with some more alternatives for parents needing alternatives.  argh.

A few other little randoms:
The doll I made for Hosanna May for Christmas. 
Her name is Sylvia, and she’s already looking a little ratty…hair especially.  🙂


This is the daffodil plant my momma bought me as an attempt to help me rise out of my pit of winter blues-dom.  It helped for sure.  The flowers are gone now, but there will be more (I hope).  I love flowers.


Hosanna’s newest favourite thing to do is play dress up with all the hats, scarves and mitts.  She’s a peach.  I like her. 


**mystery kid photo credit:  the reusable bags website


5 responses to “nalgene-no-more.

  1. I like her too….she’s fun. As for the cups, you are a good momma, always looking out for the best for your kids. I like that.
    And Sylvia…I like her too. She’s beeautful.
    About the flowers, they are bulbs so they need to be cut back and put in a cool dark place ( in a paper bag out in the porch)..
    then if you plant them in early spring they will grow in the garden or even in the pot. Spring is coming!!

  2. p.s. I love your window picture.

  3. thanks mom. 🙂
    as much as i love flowers, and gardening….i don’t know much yet.
    do i take the bulbs out of the soil? or just cut them back and leave them in the pot in a bag. ?

  4. Hi! Just FYI on the Nalgene website it states the cups you have pictured above are BPA free….

  5. yes, actually they remake them now (thankfully!) and they are BPA free….the old ones were not, however…
    we bought some of the new ones. much better!!!

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