photo extravaganzzzzzzza!

Well, we’ve had a busy past couple of weeks at our casa.  First off, Joshijah went for his very first dentist appointment.  Very exciting?  Oh yes.  He wasn’t at all nervous.  Relaxed as anything.  Just look at his very relaxed posture in the super cool dentist chair.  😉


Thankfully the hygienist and the dentist were both so nice and let him pick out the COOLEST shades to wear!  This relaxed him somewhat. 

This was Jos trying to spit into the little sink.  He can’t figure it out still.  He just makes the noise of spitting, and lets the spit just head down the ol’ throat.  Ah well, all in good time.


The dentist.  Again, Joshijah looking very relaxed.  Clutching that chair for dear life!
However, it was a very successful trip.  Joshijah was a big boy and did really well!  YAY! 


With Uncle Cubby and Tante Jes reading stories at my Mom and Dad’s place.  It was my Dad’s birthday. 


Hosanna snuggling up with Poppi on his b-day. 

This was Joshijah’s birthday party.  Jos and Sammi.


Hosanna (or as I like to call her:  May-may-licious.)










Opening up the prezzies.

Yummy treats.  And that’s my friend Julie.  Everyone say, “Hey Julie!”


Markers and Stickers and Play-Dough, oh my!

Cupcakes a la Lightning McQueen.


Traditional birthday breakfast in bed. 

Joshijah with his bed-head. 

Cake!!  This time for the “family birthday party”.


“Uh, Mama?!  What is this?  You call this cake?! And ya’ll can show me some better singing than that.  C’mon.”

Jer and Steve shooting the breeze waiting for food. 


Tom being quiet and contemplative and playing a sweet tune on J-dog’s guit. 

My dad.  I love this picture of him. 

My mom!  All the girls were being Italian mamas in the kitchen making homemade pizza.  Well, Jes was laying on the floor.  It’s ok.  She’s pregnant.  She’s allowed to lay on the floor. 

My sister Sara with her sweet baby girl. 

Joshijah with his cool new airplane from Plan Toys.  Very cool toys.  They are my new favourites.  The kids love them too.  (that’s pretty important I guess)   
And he is wearing the beautiful sweater that my mom made for him.  He looks like a little euro-kid.  I love it!  Notice Jes is still on the floor.  Having a great time, might I add. 

Janna and I being pretty serious about making the pizza.     We had some pretty loud music on to help out the mood.  Sara and Amelie are dancing, I’m sure.   Janna’s gonna love that pic of her.  🙂

This is my Aunt Marion.  She stopped by yesterday to give Jos his b-day present.

Jos and May-May doing their thang with the new easel from Nana and Papa!
(Notice the large amount of snow hanging off the tree outside.  It just.keeps.coming.)





And this is me, taking my before shot.  I am getting my hair cut tomorrow. 
Tomorrow I will post the after shot.  Stay tuned!

G’night ya’ll!!


8 responses to “photo extravaganzzzzzzza!

  1. Thanks, I needed a picture fix…can’t wait to see the new ‘do. Miss you guys like crazy, Sarah

  2. Wow. this was worth the wait…felt like I was right there in your kitchen celebrating all over the place..maybe even on the floor…and I’m not even pregnant! thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. 🙂
    ’twas my pleasure!

  4. Melanie those are great pics.. The second closeup of Hossana painting is EXACTLY you when you were that age.. Sooo cute.
    It sure looks like you guys had a great time..
    Happy birthday to the little man..

  5. Oh my what a fun place…I love all those pictures and your comments on each one jus’ make me laff my head off. *plop*
    Just makes me wanna live there.
    oh ok maybe not….but you know what I mean….you guys are so much fun and beautiful..

  6. Jos looks like he’s not too sure about birthdays in the photo with Sammie…kinda reminds me of his daddy’s birthday parties…all 2 of them! As you can see, I’m looking at the photos AGAIN and AGAIN! Gets better every time….*sigh* but *smile* love you all loades!

  7. thanks tante trudy! my uncle john just said the other day that hosanna looks just like me when i was little too. 🙂 yay! finally one of my kids looks like me!
    and thanks moms! keep that head on ya, ma.
    yeah, jos gets overwhelmed pretty quick with lots of activity. 🙂

  8. LOVE the sweater!

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