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photo extravaganzzzzzzza!

Well, we’ve had a busy past couple of weeks at our casa.  First off, Joshijah went for his very first dentist appointment.  Very exciting?  Oh yes.  He wasn’t at all nervous.  Relaxed as anything.  Just look at his very relaxed posture in the super cool dentist chair.  😉


Thankfully the hygienist and the dentist were both so nice and let him pick out the COOLEST shades to wear!  This relaxed him somewhat. 

This was Jos trying to spit into the little sink.  He can’t figure it out still.  He just makes the noise of spitting, and lets the spit just head down the ol’ throat.  Ah well, all in good time.


The dentist.  Again, Joshijah looking very relaxed.  Clutching that chair for dear life!
However, it was a very successful trip.  Joshijah was a big boy and did really well!  YAY! 


With Uncle Cubby and Tante Jes reading stories at my Mom and Dad’s place.  It was my Dad’s birthday. 


Hosanna snuggling up with Poppi on his b-day. 

This was Joshijah’s birthday party.  Jos and Sammi.


Hosanna (or as I like to call her:  May-may-licious.)










Opening up the prezzies.

Yummy treats.  And that’s my friend Julie.  Everyone say, “Hey Julie!”


Markers and Stickers and Play-Dough, oh my!

Cupcakes a la Lightning McQueen.


Traditional birthday breakfast in bed. 

Joshijah with his bed-head. 

Cake!!  This time for the “family birthday party”.


“Uh, Mama?!  What is this?  You call this cake?! And ya’ll can show me some better singing than that.  C’mon.”

Jer and Steve shooting the breeze waiting for food. 


Tom being quiet and contemplative and playing a sweet tune on J-dog’s guit. 

My dad.  I love this picture of him. 

My mom!  All the girls were being Italian mamas in the kitchen making homemade pizza.  Well, Jes was laying on the floor.  It’s ok.  She’s pregnant.  She’s allowed to lay on the floor. 

My sister Sara with her sweet baby girl. 

Joshijah with his cool new airplane from Plan Toys.  Very cool toys.  They are my new favourites.  The kids love them too.  (that’s pretty important I guess)   
And he is wearing the beautiful sweater that my mom made for him.  He looks like a little euro-kid.  I love it!  Notice Jes is still on the floor.  Having a great time, might I add. 

Janna and I being pretty serious about making the pizza.     We had some pretty loud music on to help out the mood.  Sara and Amelie are dancing, I’m sure.   Janna’s gonna love that pic of her.  🙂

This is my Aunt Marion.  She stopped by yesterday to give Jos his b-day present.

Jos and May-May doing their thang with the new easel from Nana and Papa!
(Notice the large amount of snow hanging off the tree outside.  It just.keeps.coming.)





And this is me, taking my before shot.  I am getting my hair cut tomorrow. 
Tomorrow I will post the after shot.  Stay tuned!

G’night ya’ll!!


enough of that!

ok, ok…
many people have been complaining about the “banana pancakes”.  well, not the pancakes, but the fact that every time they come to check this blog, the banana pancakes entry has been staring them in the face.  time to buck up and start typing again. 
a lot has happened since my last post, and then again….not much really. 

christmas was great.  very simple and quiet this year.  we planned it that way, and it was splendid.  the way it should be! 
right after christmas, we flew to texas…after hemming and hawing for a couple of days about what to do with our feverish, snotty, coughing children.  *sigh*…yeah that time of the year for all things pertaining to phlegm.  blech. 
texas was fabulous…once the kids were feeling better.  jeremy and i were even able to have a little romantic getaway here  for our FIVE.YEAR. ANNIVERSARY!!! (i mean, seriously….5 years already?! how did this happen? )
upon arriving back home, the cold and snow welcomed us with its frenzied ways,  sending me into deep longing for sunny days, sandals and flowey skirts.  the cold weather must have been responsible for sending us back into the cycle of phelgm.  each one of us got sick again.  i will be glad to get this out of our systems. 

anyways, things are looking up.  we’re starting to feel better and february is just around the corner…which means that spring is only….um….3 months away???  we do have a trip to NORWAY to look forward to!!!  and maybe i’ll get a big box of chocolate for valentines.  that always makes me feel better.  🙂

in closing, a couple of pics:


the kids in their jammies at my sister’s house…and me eating cake for steve’s birthday.  🙂  mmm…..


family snow pic…joshijah is really trying to smile.   this is his TRYING to smile face.  🙂

he’s a rocker, through and through.


so joshijah’s latest interest is playing the guitar and writing songs.  seriously.
he’s 2 1/2 and he’s strumming while singing (his own lyrics, AND already-made songs).

ok,ok. this is likely fairly normal, but just let me believe that my son is a child prodigy.

**BREAKING NEWS**  while i was writing this, joshijah just totally went poop on the toilet all on his own.  i thought he was just kidding…but he did it!!!! THIS, FOLKS IS A FIRST!!!!!!    

what did i tell you?….

one word:  


playing catch-up!

well, it’s been awhile folks!  i’m such a slacker.

so many things to blog about…where to start?!?!  
hmm….well,  jer had his birthday.  we had a few peeps over that evening, and it was fun. 



ok, the next day, my sister had her baby, which i already mentioned.  🙂 

yay congratu-ma-lations!  i don’t have photos, but you can check some out here, at my momma’s site.  she’s a perfect and beautiful baby…and she looks exactly like her daddy!  i’ve heard that babies, when they are born, always look like the father so that there can be no doubt in his mind that they’re his.  true?  dunno.  but in my case VERY.

that same day, jer’s mom and dad came to visit for the weekend.  it was a great weekend.  the weather was beautiful, we had turkey on sunday (canadian thanksgiving) up north where the colors were p.e.r.f.e.c.t!  (the trees i mean, not the turkey…although the turkey’s colors were rather good as well). 
since my birthday is coming up next WEEK, jer’s parents brought me a gift early (yayayaya!)….it was:   Fiesta dishes!  i’ve always loved fiestaware, and we had some from our wedding, but the whole idea with fiesta is to have all kinds of colors going on…(think mexican restaurant), we had 4 settings in one color.  but i was given 4 more settings in different colors.  oh how delightful.  !!!  now if i could just get a mariachi band to come play for us every night around 6:00, we be set!  ha! yeah. hmm.

fun colors, yes?

the cupboards are a much happier place these days. 



ok, and here’s me with my wonderful, and, as i discovered, already patented idea.  cutting onions with ski goggles on…works beautifully….and gives you a sunny tint to make your day bright.   i felt really cool, so i wanted to share the love with ya’ll.  ain’t no way i’m gonna buy “onion goggles” when i gotta pair of perfectly good ski goggles right here.  i know, right?  smart cookie. 


now if i could just find a great magical solution for my latest issue:  FREAKIN’ FRUITFLIES!!!!!   any help?  i’ve tried the apple cider vinegar traps (they work, but they keep on coming!), i put all food sources away, etc.!  i’ve even put a curb on my composting, since every time i opened the bin in the garden, a bagillion of them flew into my face.  don’ 

except wait.  for the big-freeze.  that’ll kill ’em dead. 
however, in the meantime, any suggestions ….greatly appreciated!

well, i got up way too early this morning, and i’m realizing how rambly this post is. i should stop. 

have a great friday!

my sister had a baby! my sister had a baby!

i have no picture of the baby yet!!!!!!
i can’t wait to meet HER!

yep, that’s right, folks!!! my sister sara and her husband steve had their first baby GIRL early this morning after a long labor. 

i’m so proud of my little sister….  way to go sara! 

the beautiful baby’s name is …..     Amelie Johanna.

oh how sweet!

can’t wait to meet you!

you say it’s your birthday! well, it’s my birthday too, yeah.

no.  it’s not my birthday.

AND my sister is in labor as we speak, SOOOOO…..

jeremy and the new baby may have the same birthday!  (hence the beatles song above)

i bought jeremy a guitar for his birthday, along with some chocolate (he’s a big fan of DARK chocolate, in case anyone wants to know!)….and a suh-weeeet calendar of our favorite show.   oh, and a new caribeener to replace the one that broke (for his keys)…he was bein’ all sneaky and stole mine, thinking i would be too dumb busy to notice.  nice try though.

oh, and today, we finally got a new rug for our living room…and as soon as we put it down the dog tried it out (that’s code for PEE).  SERIOUSLY!!!! WHAT WERE WE THINKING!??!?!?!? BAH!  dogs!!! grrr…!!!!!  ****loathing******* 
i know, i know…i was amply warned.  can’t really say anything.

anyway, i have a heap of stuff to do, so i am gonna fly. 

i just wanted to put up a quick post to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO the love of my life.  hope this year is SPLENDIDLY excellent!


i wanna rock and roll all night, and party ev-er-y day!

remember that song?

yeah, well…evidently, BOTH of my kids have adopted it as their theme song.
sleeping is no longer cool, and seemingly, no longer necessary.   ?!?!

how is this possible?

it really used to be my sanity…naptime, 7:00 bedtime….this allowed me some rest AND some evening time with jeremy. 
i guess all of that is over, since both of the babes think they’re 18 years old and ready to stay up forever.  Lord, help us!


oh—- but in other news!!!!!!!!

jeremy is now an official “Permanent Resident” of Canada.  after MONTHS (well, years really) of paperwork and waiting, the moment has arrived!  and we are really relieved and happy! 

we went to the interview yesterday, and right there, on the spot they made it official.
we had to have some folks over to celebrate last night with some wine and cheese, of course….however short notice it was.  🙂

thank you Lord for your favour and goodness to us! 
and now, PLEASE let my kids get to sleep!
i think i just might beat them to it tonight!   ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz…………