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tell me I’m not the only one.

Someone please tell me I’m not the only one who has a hard time having a phone conversation without the kids going crazy!

Today I was talking to my sister on the phone, and I had given the kids a bowl of organic blue corn tortilla chips to share.  

Good idea mama!

For about 2 minutes.

It was then discovered by one of the two (I won’t mention any names, but lets just say he instigates a lot of these incidents these days….ahem) that much more fun than eating the chips is tossing them around the kitchen and then driving all the trucks, cars and babies (!) through the chips to spread them ALL…OVER….THE….PLACE.

I, of course, see this going on in front of my very eyes, but being in the throes of much needed adult-conversation, I ignore it.  Afterall, they’re having fun.  And I am having an adult conversation.  Did I mention how much I need adult conversati0n sometimes?  No harm done.

I step in, however…when the aforementioned young instigator breaks a bowl.

A plastic bowl.

Enough said.


photo extravaganzzzzzzza!

Well, we’ve had a busy past couple of weeks at our casa.  First off, Joshijah went for his very first dentist appointment.  Very exciting?  Oh yes.  He wasn’t at all nervous.  Relaxed as anything.  Just look at his very relaxed posture in the super cool dentist chair.  😉


Thankfully the hygienist and the dentist were both so nice and let him pick out the COOLEST shades to wear!  This relaxed him somewhat. 

This was Jos trying to spit into the little sink.  He can’t figure it out still.  He just makes the noise of spitting, and lets the spit just head down the ol’ throat.  Ah well, all in good time.


The dentist.  Again, Joshijah looking very relaxed.  Clutching that chair for dear life!
However, it was a very successful trip.  Joshijah was a big boy and did really well!  YAY! 


With Uncle Cubby and Tante Jes reading stories at my Mom and Dad’s place.  It was my Dad’s birthday. 


Hosanna snuggling up with Poppi on his b-day. 

This was Joshijah’s birthday party.  Jos and Sammi.


Hosanna (or as I like to call her:  May-may-licious.)










Opening up the prezzies.

Yummy treats.  And that’s my friend Julie.  Everyone say, “Hey Julie!”


Markers and Stickers and Play-Dough, oh my!

Cupcakes a la Lightning McQueen.


Traditional birthday breakfast in bed. 

Joshijah with his bed-head. 

Cake!!  This time for the “family birthday party”.


“Uh, Mama?!  What is this?  You call this cake?! And ya’ll can show me some better singing than that.  C’mon.”

Jer and Steve shooting the breeze waiting for food. 


Tom being quiet and contemplative and playing a sweet tune on J-dog’s guit. 

My dad.  I love this picture of him. 

My mom!  All the girls were being Italian mamas in the kitchen making homemade pizza.  Well, Jes was laying on the floor.  It’s ok.  She’s pregnant.  She’s allowed to lay on the floor. 

My sister Sara with her sweet baby girl. 

Joshijah with his cool new airplane from Plan Toys.  Very cool toys.  They are my new favourites.  The kids love them too.  (that’s pretty important I guess)   
And he is wearing the beautiful sweater that my mom made for him.  He looks like a little euro-kid.  I love it!  Notice Jes is still on the floor.  Having a great time, might I add. 

Janna and I being pretty serious about making the pizza.     We had some pretty loud music on to help out the mood.  Sara and Amelie are dancing, I’m sure.   Janna’s gonna love that pic of her.  🙂

This is my Aunt Marion.  She stopped by yesterday to give Jos his b-day present.

Jos and May-May doing their thang with the new easel from Nana and Papa!
(Notice the large amount of snow hanging off the tree outside.  It just.keeps.coming.)





And this is me, taking my before shot.  I am getting my hair cut tomorrow. 
Tomorrow I will post the after shot.  Stay tuned!

G’night ya’ll!!

i take it back.

today, i take back everything i said here

it’s been one of those days weeks.


ach vell.

happy wednesday!

(see what i mean?!?!   i mean thursday.)

oh and happy heart day!

here’s where the fun begins…


why is jeremy wearing these hot-looking, sweet-action galoshes?

is it because the spring rains have begun to spread their love, with promises of sunshiney days and blossoms up ahead?!? 

is it because we are attending another ball for the boot-wearing jazz-lovers?

nope! and nope!
no, dear readers….uh-uh.

in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. 
spring is nowhere to be seen, and we have no such fun parties to attend in the near future….

what we have here is a veritable basement flooding.   the sump-pump decided it had done enough work for the year and took a vay-cay.  alas…water everywhere.   

so, jeremy donned his fancy footwear and got to work. 
shortly thereafter i quietly tiptoed down the stairs to let him gently know that the hot water heater wasn’t working….the pilot light went out.  (this happens when it gets windy outside….weird…  i guess we should get this igloo insulated afterall.  hmmm.  who knew?)  oh and here’s a little post-it note about jeremy…he did all of this with a wicked, seething sinus infection, which he has been battling for 4 days now…terribly painful….when i get a sinus headache, i am out.of.commission.  fully.  can we say woos-bag?  but jer…well, he’s a trooper. 

i then went upstairs to get the kids some dessert.  and, the yogurt container promptly fell out of the fridge upside-down all over the floor.  joshijah got to work and started licking it clean.  i can always count on joshijah to help out in my hour of need.  🙂

here’s me, just showing you the zit i woke up with this morning.  yesssss…sweeeeeet:


and a much more poised picture of me showing you my chapped winter lips:  
mmm.  check those crazy-woman eyes.   

yikes, it actually frightens me a little to look at this picture.  eww. 
how is everyone else doing?  🙂

oh how exciting (for me!)

i know this is a weird thing to get excited over (hence the “for me” in the title), but lately i am excited that i seem to be improving in my wife-and-mom duties.  you know, housekeeping, homemaking, nesting, whatever you wanna call it. 

seriously, i used to be excited if i had my bed made in the morning, because…honestly, it was rare.  it was like when jeremy came home, i had to usher him into the bedroom to show him the made bed, so he could congratulate me and tell me what a wonderful housekeeper i was, meanwhile tripping over all the laundry, toys, and dishes. 
(and, ahem…i’m not exaggerating either.)

anyways, lately i’m graduating to the next skill level.  my(our) bed is made every morning, and the kids too…the dishes have not been piling up, and the laundry is not mountainous. 

it’s crazy, but this makes me feel almost gleeful.  i could skip.  i could run and dance.  except then i look out the winda (that’s texan for window) and see the mounds of snow and bitter cold faces walking down the street, and the dancing stops.  (ok, ok…i know i complain way more than any human should possibly complain about the weather, but humour me please folks!)

some things i have been doing:
( in case anyone has issues in the same areas that i do)

***make the bed AS SOON AS the last person *cough* jer* cough* gets up.  do nothing else (including peeing or drinking coffee) until the bed is made.  it only takes a sec.  a made bed changes ones outlook on EVERYTHING.  for some reason.  i don’t understand it, but i wholeheartedly attest to this. 

***empty the dishwasher AS SOON AS the cycle is done.  this way your dishwasher is always willing to accept the dirty ones, and you avoid pileups.  nasty pileups. 

***make a menu plan for the whole week, including a list of ingredients.  write the shopping list in order of your grocery store aisles.  man! this is fabulously simplifying.  AND…we save money since it seems impossible to “run” to the grocery store to get one thing without spending a minimum of $50 to $100.00.  don’t know why that is, but again.  ’tis true for us.  we have eliminated MANY “quick” trips to the store by taking the time to PLAN.  

***never leave a room without scanning it for stray items and take them with you.  deal with stuff right away.  don’t leave it for “house-cleaning day” or housecleaning day will need to be “house-cleaning week”. 

i’m still on the very exciting journey of learning (yes.  i like to live on the edge.  i’m crazy like that.)  but just wanted to share my victories, however miniscule or seemingly meaningless they may be. 

i hope that tuesday is treating you all well!


playing catch-up!

well, it’s been awhile folks!  i’m such a slacker.

so many things to blog about…where to start?!?!  
hmm….well,  jer had his birthday.  we had a few peeps over that evening, and it was fun. 



ok, the next day, my sister had her baby, which i already mentioned.  🙂 

yay congratu-ma-lations!  i don’t have photos, but you can check some out here, at my momma’s site.  she’s a perfect and beautiful baby…and she looks exactly like her daddy!  i’ve heard that babies, when they are born, always look like the father so that there can be no doubt in his mind that they’re his.  true?  dunno.  but in my case VERY.

that same day, jer’s mom and dad came to visit for the weekend.  it was a great weekend.  the weather was beautiful, we had turkey on sunday (canadian thanksgiving) up north where the colors were p.e.r.f.e.c.t!  (the trees i mean, not the turkey…although the turkey’s colors were rather good as well). 
since my birthday is coming up next WEEK, jer’s parents brought me a gift early (yayayaya!)….it was:   Fiesta dishes!  i’ve always loved fiestaware, and we had some from our wedding, but the whole idea with fiesta is to have all kinds of colors going on…(think mexican restaurant), we had 4 settings in one color.  but i was given 4 more settings in different colors.  oh how delightful.  !!!  now if i could just get a mariachi band to come play for us every night around 6:00, we be set!  ha! yeah. hmm.

fun colors, yes?

the cupboards are a much happier place these days. 



ok, and here’s me with my wonderful, and, as i discovered, already patented idea.  cutting onions with ski goggles on…works beautifully….and gives you a sunny tint to make your day bright.   i felt really cool, so i wanted to share the love with ya’ll.  ain’t no way i’m gonna buy “onion goggles” when i gotta pair of perfectly good ski goggles right here.  i know, right?  smart cookie. 


now if i could just find a great magical solution for my latest issue:  FREAKIN’ FRUITFLIES!!!!!   any help?  i’ve tried the apple cider vinegar traps (they work, but they keep on coming!), i put all food sources away, etc.!  i’ve even put a curb on my composting, since every time i opened the bin in the garden, a bagillion of them flew into my face.  don’ 

except wait.  for the big-freeze.  that’ll kill ’em dead. 
however, in the meantime, any suggestions ….greatly appreciated!

well, i got up way too early this morning, and i’m realizing how rambly this post is. i should stop. 

have a great friday!

you say it’s your birthday! well, it’s my birthday too, yeah.

no.  it’s not my birthday.

AND my sister is in labor as we speak, SOOOOO…..

jeremy and the new baby may have the same birthday!  (hence the beatles song above)

i bought jeremy a guitar for his birthday, along with some chocolate (he’s a big fan of DARK chocolate, in case anyone wants to know!)….and a suh-weeeet calendar of our favorite show.   oh, and a new caribeener to replace the one that broke (for his keys)…he was bein’ all sneaky and stole mine, thinking i would be too dumb busy to notice.  nice try though.

oh, and today, we finally got a new rug for our living room…and as soon as we put it down the dog tried it out (that’s code for PEE).  SERIOUSLY!!!! WHAT WERE WE THINKING!??!?!?!? BAH!  dogs!!! grrr…!!!!!  ****loathing******* 
i know, i know…i was amply warned.  can’t really say anything.

anyway, i have a heap of stuff to do, so i am gonna fly. 

i just wanted to put up a quick post to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO the love of my life.  hope this year is SPLENDIDLY excellent!