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photo extravaganzzzzzzza!

Well, we’ve had a busy past couple of weeks at our casa.  First off, Joshijah went for his very first dentist appointment.  Very exciting?  Oh yes.  He wasn’t at all nervous.  Relaxed as anything.  Just look at his very relaxed posture in the super cool dentist chair.  😉


Thankfully the hygienist and the dentist were both so nice and let him pick out the COOLEST shades to wear!  This relaxed him somewhat. 

This was Jos trying to spit into the little sink.  He can’t figure it out still.  He just makes the noise of spitting, and lets the spit just head down the ol’ throat.  Ah well, all in good time.


The dentist.  Again, Joshijah looking very relaxed.  Clutching that chair for dear life!
However, it was a very successful trip.  Joshijah was a big boy and did really well!  YAY! 


With Uncle Cubby and Tante Jes reading stories at my Mom and Dad’s place.  It was my Dad’s birthday. 


Hosanna snuggling up with Poppi on his b-day. 

This was Joshijah’s birthday party.  Jos and Sammi.


Hosanna (or as I like to call her:  May-may-licious.)










Opening up the prezzies.

Yummy treats.  And that’s my friend Julie.  Everyone say, “Hey Julie!”


Markers and Stickers and Play-Dough, oh my!

Cupcakes a la Lightning McQueen.


Traditional birthday breakfast in bed. 

Joshijah with his bed-head. 

Cake!!  This time for the “family birthday party”.


“Uh, Mama?!  What is this?  You call this cake?! And ya’ll can show me some better singing than that.  C’mon.”

Jer and Steve shooting the breeze waiting for food. 


Tom being quiet and contemplative and playing a sweet tune on J-dog’s guit. 

My dad.  I love this picture of him. 

My mom!  All the girls were being Italian mamas in the kitchen making homemade pizza.  Well, Jes was laying on the floor.  It’s ok.  She’s pregnant.  She’s allowed to lay on the floor. 

My sister Sara with her sweet baby girl. 

Joshijah with his cool new airplane from Plan Toys.  Very cool toys.  They are my new favourites.  The kids love them too.  (that’s pretty important I guess)   
And he is wearing the beautiful sweater that my mom made for him.  He looks like a little euro-kid.  I love it!  Notice Jes is still on the floor.  Having a great time, might I add. 

Janna and I being pretty serious about making the pizza.     We had some pretty loud music on to help out the mood.  Sara and Amelie are dancing, I’m sure.   Janna’s gonna love that pic of her.  🙂

This is my Aunt Marion.  She stopped by yesterday to give Jos his b-day present.

Jos and May-May doing their thang with the new easel from Nana and Papa!
(Notice the large amount of snow hanging off the tree outside.  It just.keeps.coming.)





And this is me, taking my before shot.  I am getting my hair cut tomorrow. 
Tomorrow I will post the after shot.  Stay tuned!

G’night ya’ll!!


so much for the moment.

the kids fell asleep like angels last night. 
it was the first time in awhile.  we put them to bed at 7:00.  then….not a peep.


joshijah woke up as we were getting ready to go to sleep (of course).

after this many hours have passed, i don’t usually mind going in to snuggle for a minute with him.  it’s cozy and special, and he’s oh-so-sweet when he wakes up. 

“mommy, i yuv you”.

“i love you too.”





*me thinking:  i guess he’s fallen back asleep*

*whispering*   “mommy?”

“i ate a booger”

here’s where the fun begins…


why is jeremy wearing these hot-looking, sweet-action galoshes?

is it because the spring rains have begun to spread their love, with promises of sunshiney days and blossoms up ahead?!? 

is it because we are attending another ball for the boot-wearing jazz-lovers?

nope! and nope!
no, dear readers….uh-uh.

in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. 
spring is nowhere to be seen, and we have no such fun parties to attend in the near future….

what we have here is a veritable basement flooding.   the sump-pump decided it had done enough work for the year and took a vay-cay.  alas…water everywhere.   

so, jeremy donned his fancy footwear and got to work. 
shortly thereafter i quietly tiptoed down the stairs to let him gently know that the hot water heater wasn’t working….the pilot light went out.  (this happens when it gets windy outside….weird…  i guess we should get this igloo insulated afterall.  hmmm.  who knew?)  oh and here’s a little post-it note about jeremy…he did all of this with a wicked, seething sinus infection, which he has been battling for 4 days now…terribly painful….when i get a sinus headache, i am out.of.commission.  fully.  can we say woos-bag?  but jer…well, he’s a trooper. 

i then went upstairs to get the kids some dessert.  and, the yogurt container promptly fell out of the fridge upside-down all over the floor.  joshijah got to work and started licking it clean.  i can always count on joshijah to help out in my hour of need.  🙂

here’s me, just showing you the zit i woke up with this morning.  yesssss…sweeeeeet:


and a much more poised picture of me showing you my chapped winter lips:  
mmm.  check those crazy-woman eyes.   

yikes, it actually frightens me a little to look at this picture.  eww. 
how is everyone else doing?  🙂

well actually…

yesterday i went to blockbuster to pick up a movie.

while i was at the counter, the clerk (guy) asked me, “have you always been that tall?”

huh? wha?  i eyed him curiously, not quite knowing what to say.  yes?  no?  maybe?  

well, actually, yes…  see, my mom had a really tough time giving birth.  she’s currently in the guinness book of world records for giving birth to a 6 foot tall newborn.  🙂   AND ACTUALLY, now that you mention it, i used to be about 7 inches taller, but just recently had surgery to have about half of each of my calves removed, which brings me down to my present height. 

ok, i know he was trying to find the right segue into a conversation about height, and so i’ll give him a break.  plus it had me chuckling to myself for quite awhile after i left the store.  haha!

(incidentally, i am 6 feet tall, and was wearing boots that made me taller.  the reason he asked is because his sister was 6 foot 3.5.  now that’s tall!)

all de time in the woyald.

A very serious conversation overheard in our home today between a two year old and a three year old:


Joshijah:     “What time-ah is it?”

Sammi:      “Ummm…..i don’t ‘member.”

Joshijah:     “It’s quarty after sen.”


Me:  Oh. Right. Better start dinner then.


kids. sigh. so cute.


humorous searching.

ok, so those of you that have a blog, or at least a wordpress blog, know that it gives you daily stats…of which include “search engine terms”…  words or phrases people were google-ing and happened across your blog. 

i always get a good chortle/chuckle/guffaw at some of these terms.  how they got here from there.  huh?  for example…a selection from today’s findings include:

*weirdest place you have ever peed*    (why??)

*prayer for a beautiful body* (sorry! can’t help you there.)

*yoink*  (seriously.  someone googled ‘yoink’.)

*stern face grandma* (do i have those on my blog?!)

oh, and lots more. 

hosanna is crying.  i’d better get back to biniss….

OH!   and just because i love to use vinegar for everything (so non-toxic and good for so much!)….i found another great site…check it!

ok….great thursdays all ’round!


looking forward. :)

i’m excited to start watching THE OFFICE again.  seems i need a good belly laugh.  the office usually has remedy for that.  speaking of,  i want to give props to kelly and her husband ryan for sharing the “i heart dwight” widget.  ryan made it for kelly’s blog and she’s sharing it!!!  scroll down and check it out on my sidebar.  if you want to have some GOOD laughs and see some great pics, head on over to kelly’s blog.  she is hiLARious.  the kind of person you wish you knew in real life, cause….well, you’d be rolling on the floor laughing a lot.  she’s really cute…and so’s her family.  and they’re both talented photographers.  check it! check it!  
well, thanks kelly and ryan because, well…frankly, i am a big dwight fan. 

i guess i should go clean up the lemonade all over the floor.