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ready or not!

Jeremy’s best friend Max is getting married to Brigitte in Norway, and Jeremy is the best man, so…

In less than a month, Jeremy and I will be heading to Norway, alone.  With NO kids! 
While to some that sounds divine and delightful, to me…well, it does sound that way on occasion, but …I have to admit, I have been feeling some trepidation and anxiety.  First of all, I am not one who typically enJOYs flying.  neh.  uh.uh.  don’t like the whole idea. 
Second, we are going for 10 days.  1o DAYS!!!  on another continent.  without the kids.  what will I do?  They are going to be all grown up by the time we get back. 

Anyways… they will be in good hands and I am praying that I will be able to relax and enjoy myself enough to get a good look at those beautiful fjords and do some glacier hiking. 

I’ve been feeling a bit direction-less lately.  Feeling like I need to have something before me to which I am steadily moving torward.  I feel like I need some clarity, some direction, some prodding???  I think this trip to Norway will be a good chance to get some time to spend with myself, with my husband,  and with God.  Figuring stuff out.  I have been missing out on early morning quiet times with Jesus.  I find the kids have been getting up earlier and earlier, and I just  I know this is why I feel directionless. 

Jer and I were talking about committing to pray and ask God (individually and together) to begin to speak to us about where we are, what we are doing and what we are supposed to be doing…etc.   We are not really the 5-year-plan kind of people (at all!), but i know that when I have nothing to move towards, I feel hopeless.  I have lost sight momentarily of what we are to do.  I guess most importantly, I desire to know what’s on God’s heart for us so that I can pray towards it and usher in God’s will for our lives.  I believe that as a wife and a mother….that is one of my main purposes.  To KNOW where God is leading us and to PRAY for His hand to move.  I think often it is assumed that if God wills something for us, it will happen, no matter what.  I don’t believe this is always the case.  He has decidedly partnered with us, giving us the authority to ask and receive, to have faith and see Him move in response to it.  It doesn’t always land in our laps.  That’s actually quite rare. 
Anyways…all this to say that I think some good fresh Norweign air and some quiet time with God and Jeremy will do wonders.  I pray that I can hear God speaking clearly. 


all the details…

one thing that i love about God is that He is concerned about, and looks after the details of our lives, if we trust them to Him.  i was reminded of this yesterday.

the story begins sunday.
well….actually a couple of months ago.

we got a puppy.
this was a bit of an impulse decision.
i mean, seriously.  who in their right mind gets a PUPPY when they have 2 toddlers?
well, ok…so we were warned and advised, etc.  but we went ahead in our
naivite (sp?).

over the past 2 months, i have struggled, screamed and pulled out my hair.  this puppy was very cute, and very friendly and would eventually grow up to be a wonderful family pet.  i was NOT going to give up and be weak.  i would PERSIST and train this puppy if it was the last thing i did.   to be honest though i was SO ready to be free of this crazy responsibility.

fast forward to sunday.  we went to church, as always, and left the pup in the yard.  little did we know that she was going crazy and BARKING and YELPING endlessly for a few hours.  we got home, and the neighbour was quite upset.  told us we needed to do something about the dog.  apparently every time we were gone, she would freak out the entire time.  (we didn’t realize…i mean, we weren’t around to hear it!)

so, after feeling really badly and wondering what to do, we made the decision to get rid of the dog.  it made me feel bad, but SO RELIEVED!!!!!!!! 
but….now we needed to find her a good home.

we decided to post her on freecycle.
i was nervous to do this, envisioning all kinds of weirdo’s wanting my dog.  🙂
so i prayed, and jer prayed.  very simply asked God to be in control and to bring the right people.
well, the next morning i got an email from an interested lady.  i gave her a call, and she was a sweet danish lady.  she and her husband had recently bought a farm with 23 acres!!!!!!  (run, tennessee, run!)  and their dog of 16 years had died last year.  they recently started talking about getting another.  her husband had this week mentioned to her that he wanted to get an australian sheep dog.
AND….one day prior to our conversation, her brother-in-law was talking to her about freecycle.  she had never heard of it before, but checked it out. 

and there was our post.

i told her….”well, i think this was meant to be”.

i knew it was right.  when they came to the door i gladly handed over the puppy, knowing it was best for her, for us and for the new family. 

once again, God answered our very simple, trusting prayer. 

he even cares about our pets. 

so, this ends the puppy saga.

i feel happy and free,  and glad to give her the room she needs so desperately. 
and i am thankful to the Lord for being real and present in our lives. 
even in all the little details. 

He is goodness.


i’m a lucky gal. yep.

well, today is friday, and one of the ever-so-cool and special and fun and lovely things about this day of the week is that my amazing and wonderful husband buys me a “friday gift”.  i know, right?  how great is that? 

its totally great!

not because i need things, but seriously, to be thought of every week in a special way…i LOVE it love it.

this week i got a very hip new mug.  (for those of you that know me, i drink coffee. a lot. and good mugs are VERY important.  very important.  heh.)

last week jer made me….yep, made me a framed piece of art work.  he’s great like that. 
other “friday gifts” of late have been:

*this book.  a very good read.  i can pore over it for hours.  eeenteresteeng stuff.

*very pretty smelly girlie soap

*wild mint lime hand and body lotion.  made with all natural ingredients.  and containing NO PARABENS!! (which is important.  parabens are used as a preservative, and they disrupt the hormones.  if you read up on them, you’ll see they’re nasty, and they are in SO.MANY.THINGS.  however, more and more products are going paraben-free.) 

* oh and lingerie.  *wink*

well, i think that’s just so nice of my sweet man.  he’s a keeper.  i loaf him.

have any of you checked out this magazine?  jer’s mom just bought us a subscription when we told her about it (thanks mom little!) and its really rad and full of good arty fun.

well, tomorrow is sweet saturday.  we are breaking the cinnamon roll tradition (*gasp*) and are instead having fresh baked croissants.  (ohh!)
then we are going to church.  we are having a worship time which is going to be followed by a 24-hour prayer time.  we have each signed up for different hours to pray at the church.  it should be good.  prayer is good.  God is good.  He really is. 

well, have a good one!

dark, dismal and delightful

it looks like rain today.
i absolutely love rainy days.  the dark, threatening sky somehow seems to give permission to “hunker down” and be still.  not that i need permission, but sometimes it feels as though i do. 

we plan on hunkering down here today anyway, since the kids have both caught the nasty cold that’s been going around.  they haven’t had even a sniffle in the last 5-6 months, and now it seems that they’ve caught a doozie.  so, today i play nursemaid and give myself to nurturing them back to health.  i’ve been making lime and honey tea, and garlic and honey toast…along with doses of tylenol cold to help them (and us!) sleep.  here’s praying for speedy recoveries all ’round.

jeremy spoke at church on sunday.  i love listening to him preach.  its like i get a whole new revelation into his soul.  even though we talk and share all the time,  its like he articulates his heart differently, and i love it.  plus i am always inspired.  anyway, he was speaking on being a servant.  and how we, as christians are supposed to humbly serve others, with no ulterior motive.  simply to be as christ.  and to show christ to the world.  and he also spoke about having joy, and asking God to fill us with joy.  i realized how very important this is.  first of all, as the bible says, the joy of the Lord is our strength.  his joy is what gives us the strength we need to face each day.  but i also believe that if we, as christians,  are to be different from the world, we need to really be different.  what is it that makes us different?  we still face hardships and difficulties and live “normal”life…but we have something that sets us apart.  we have christ, in us, giving us strength for the battle and joy in the battle. 

so today, i pray that my heart would be filled with joy.  not only for my own benefit, but so that those around me today, my husband, my kids, (my dog!), my neighbours would be able to sense jesus when they are around me. 

have a great tuesday ya’ll!

(and hmm…wouldn’t you know…the sun’s breaking through the clouds.  so much for my nice rainy day.  ach, vell. ) 

i wanna rock and roll all night, and party ev-er-y day!

remember that song?

yeah, well…evidently, BOTH of my kids have adopted it as their theme song.
sleeping is no longer cool, and seemingly, no longer necessary.   ?!?!

how is this possible?

it really used to be my sanity…naptime, 7:00 bedtime….this allowed me some rest AND some evening time with jeremy. 
i guess all of that is over, since both of the babes think they’re 18 years old and ready to stay up forever.  Lord, help us!


oh—- but in other news!!!!!!!!

jeremy is now an official “Permanent Resident” of Canada.  after MONTHS (well, years really) of paperwork and waiting, the moment has arrived!  and we are really relieved and happy! 

we went to the interview yesterday, and right there, on the spot they made it official.
we had to have some folks over to celebrate last night with some wine and cheese, of course….however short notice it was.  🙂

thank you Lord for your favour and goodness to us! 
and now, PLEASE let my kids get to sleep!
i think i just might beat them to it tonight!   ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz…………

the precious miracle of life.

    penelope2.jpg         penelope.jpg            

happy one week birthday to you, Penelope Star
you are a precious baby girl, loved by so many.

never have i yet met you,
but prayed for you i have.
that God would bring complete restoration to your tiny, beautiful body.
that you would be given strength unimaginable
and peace and joy unspeakable.

that you would know and understand the love that surrounds you.
(your family is enthralled with you). 
your mama and daddy watch your every move with wonder and concern. 

as you grow and develop into a young girl,
my prayer for you is that you would be filled with God’s love and joy.
that His peace would be your strength throughout your days.
that His blessings would pour out over you, giving life. 
that healing would come speedily…that the doctors and nurses would stand in amazement as you go above and beyond what was ever expected! 

you are precious.
to God.
to us.

i can’t wait to meet you face-to-face.  🙂

**penelope is the daughter of jeremy’s cousin chris, and his wife sarah.  she was born with spinabifida (a condition resulting in an opening in the back, which exposes the spine).  there was a sack of nerves which was outside of her back.  she was taken to surgery shortly after being born to close up the back to avoid infection, etc.  she is also scheduled to have a shunt put into her head to drain some fluid which is on her brain.  (i’m not sure of all the details)…
she is doing well however!  she’s responding to the touches and voices of her family and gaining weight and strength daily.  
please pray for penelope as she continues to undergo surgery and testing, and as her mama will soon begin breastfeeding.  she will be going home soon!!!! 
pray for complete healing and restoration and for the peace of God to fill the hearts of her family as they watch her grow. 🙂

chris and sarah:  if you are reading this, please know that you are on our hearts and in our prayers.  congratulations on the birth of your girl!  she is beautiful!  (she looks so much like ethan in that picture with her eyes open!) 
you are both really great parents….it was great spending time with ya’ll in texas, and sarah, i really enjoyed getting together with you and the kids, and hope that we can do it again in the future (hopefully the not-so-distant future).  i really wanna meet this girl of yours.  🙂

love and prayers!!!

the stand.

here’s a video to watch…more importantly, to listen to.  the words are powerful, and convict me all the time.  sometimes its easy to think this life is all about this life.  the here and now.  and things can be overwhelming.  however, sometimes i need to be reminded that we are part of a bigger picture.  God, the creator of the universe LOVES us, cares for the details of our lives, and sent Jesus to die so that i don’t have to.  no matter how crappy i am.  his righteousness becomes mine. 
i have to recommit to this all the time…to giving my life to Him.  its not about me.  its about Him.  

Check out this video: The Stand