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tell me I’m not the only one.

Someone please tell me I’m not the only one who has a hard time having a phone conversation without the kids going crazy!

Today I was talking to my sister on the phone, and I had given the kids a bowl of organic blue corn tortilla chips to share.  

Good idea mama!

For about 2 minutes.

It was then discovered by one of the two (I won’t mention any names, but lets just say he instigates a lot of these incidents these days….ahem) that much more fun than eating the chips is tossing them around the kitchen and then driving all the trucks, cars and babies (!) through the chips to spread them ALL…OVER….THE….PLACE.

I, of course, see this going on in front of my very eyes, but being in the throes of much needed adult-conversation, I ignore it.  Afterall, they’re having fun.  And I am having an adult conversation.  Did I mention how much I need adult conversati0n sometimes?  No harm done.

I step in, however…when the aforementioned young instigator breaks a bowl.

A plastic bowl.

Enough said.


so much for the moment.

the kids fell asleep like angels last night. 
it was the first time in awhile.  we put them to bed at 7:00.  then….not a peep.


joshijah woke up as we were getting ready to go to sleep (of course).

after this many hours have passed, i don’t usually mind going in to snuggle for a minute with him.  it’s cozy and special, and he’s oh-so-sweet when he wakes up. 

“mommy, i yuv you”.

“i love you too.”





*me thinking:  i guess he’s fallen back asleep*

*whispering*   “mommy?”

“i ate a booger”

the best things in life.

ever notice that there’s not a better feeling in the world than a 2 year old huggin’ your neck for dear life? 

yeah, me too. 

i like to drink it in, cause i know, as soon as i blink, they’ll be driving away. 

(don’t even want to think about that though.)

making the big switch.

well, i have been feeling a lot like i need to switch to cloth diapers lately.  wishing now that we had done it all along, but not having had a washing machine until now, it’s been something we really weren’t able to do, practically speaking.  (um….yeah, run on sentence. i know.)

anyway, i’ve been wanting to switch, because i really believe that what’s in disposable diapers can’t be good for our babes.  not to mention the huge amount of waste they create.  ick.  (although some areas actually do recycle them.  ours not yet.)  yesterday, i was reading andrea’s blog, and she listed all of the ingredients of diapers, and it truly confirmed why i need to do this. 

here are some examples:

MALE INFERTILITY Disposable diapers could be the cause of the sharp rise in male infertility over the past 25 years. It is thought that disposable diapers heat up boys testicles to such a degree that it stop them from developing normal.

SODIUM POLYACRYLATE, which is linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome and can therefore no longer be used in tampons, is the super absorbent gel in disposable diapers. You can find the little “gel balls” on the skin of your baby’s bottom. It is interesting to note that employees in factories manufacturing sodium polyacrylate suffer from female organ problems, slow healing wounds, fatigue and weight loss.TBT (TRIBULYTIN) In May 2000 Greenpeace found TBT in Pampers® Baby Dry in Germany. TBT is one of the most toxic substances ever made. It harms the immune system and impairs the hormonal system. There is speculation that it could cause boys to become sterile.

DIOXIN Traces of the carcinogen Dioxin have been found in disposable diapers. Dioxin causes liver disease, immune system suppression and genetic damage. It is a byproduct of bleaching with chlorine gas and is banned in most countries. Unfortunately, the USA still allows it.

ASTHMA In 1998 a study showed that childhood respiratory problems, including asthma, might be linked to inhaling the mixture of chemicals emitted from disposable diapers.

UTI INFECTIONS IN BABY GIRLS also seem on the rise with an increased use of disposable diapers.

BABIES POORLY DEVELOPED OUTER SKIN LAYER ABSORBS ABOUT 48 CHEMICALS if you use disposable diapers & wipes and standard baby products. This can be greatly reduced by using cloth diapers and natural baby products.

You can find out more about the above topics on our cloth diaper articles page or at and

 **enough said!

 joshijah is 2 years and several months old, and can and will use the potty most of the time…but not at night yet.  during the day its often hit and miss….
hosanna is almost 18 months, and both yesterday and today she’s gone pee on the potty. 
so, they are both “on their way”, but not there yet. 
it’s a bit of an investment to buy cloth, but…then if/when we have another baby, we won’t need to buy them again.

so, the big thing to decide now is what to buy? 
so many options out there.

any ideas?

he’s a rocker, through and through.


so joshijah’s latest interest is playing the guitar and writing songs.  seriously.
he’s 2 1/2 and he’s strumming while singing (his own lyrics, AND already-made songs).

ok,ok. this is likely fairly normal, but just let me believe that my son is a child prodigy.

**BREAKING NEWS**  while i was writing this, joshijah just totally went poop on the toilet all on his own.  i thought he was just kidding…but he did it!!!! THIS, FOLKS IS A FIRST!!!!!!    

what did i tell you?….

one word:  


my sister had a baby! my sister had a baby!

i have no picture of the baby yet!!!!!!
i can’t wait to meet HER!

yep, that’s right, folks!!! my sister sara and her husband steve had their first baby GIRL early this morning after a long labor. 

i’m so proud of my little sister….  way to go sara! 

the beautiful baby’s name is …..     Amelie Johanna.

oh how sweet!

can’t wait to meet you!

somebody let me outta here!

well, this afternoon was one of unspeakable frustration.  argh.
i just finished a marathon poop and pee cleanup.  seriously.  i think all of the young ones in this abode decide to plan their attack at once.

joshijah has been having issues with pooping on the toilet. 
pee? no problem.  
but do you think i can get that kid to poop?  nah. …no amount of bribery in the form of candy or toys can convince him to “drop the kids off at the pool”.  
this afternoon i put him down for his usual afternoon nap, sans diaper. 
usually not a problem. 
until today…
i thought he was sleeping peacefully, until hosanna (who had napped earlier and was crawling around the house playing) busted into his room to say hello…i went to retrieve her, and to my surprise and awe, i found i big poop ON.HIS.PILLOW…with random bits smeared on the blankets, the stuffed animals, his legs , oh and Lightening McQueen (buh-bye Lightning!)
ok, so i am frustrated.  i mean, we spent time sitting in the bathroom, trying to relax and let it go….nothing.  and then this.

so, i haul him off to the tub to clean him up. 
hosanna follows us, and promptly sticks her hands into the toilet bowl.  she’s fishing for lake trout.   
upon my arrival back in the bedroom to strip the sheets, pillow, and blanket, i slip and practically fall on my face.  apparently the dog got the memo that we had remodelled and the kids’ room was now the spot to relieve oneself. 
everyone else is doing it, so why not?  

so… i haul the dog in to show her what she’s done and let her know of my stern disapproval before removing her from the house.  hosanna races into the room, and does the slip and slide through the pee….

finally i make my way back into the bedroom to continue stripping the sheets, and now clean up the dog pee.  grr….. joshijah (naked) is standing in a big ol’ puddle of water.  huh?!?!  water? where’d that come from? 
“what’s that joshijah?” i  bark ask. 
“PEE!” he says delightedly.   yes….deLIGHTedly!

he had seen how excited i was when the dog did it, so he thought he’d give it a whirl. 

all the while, in the background plays joshijah’s music:
“in my life, Lord, be glorified today….”  
i thought that was funny…
i almost cracked a smile there.  
but not quite.

so, kids out, dog out….everyone and everything OUT!

then, i cried.  i actually cried. 
i know. i’m a baby.
but sometimes its the only thing to do.  
it’s very cathartic. 
sometimes there’s just so much poop you can handle before you break. 

so i start sobbing, hoping and praying no one comes to the door and sees the mascara running down my face and gets a whiff of the odors lurking around.  they may wonder….and rightfully so.

i have a feeling this day is going to be longer than most.  🙂