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tell me I’m not the only one.

Someone please tell me I’m not the only one who has a hard time having a phone conversation without the kids going crazy!

Today I was talking to my sister on the phone, and I had given the kids a bowl of organic blue corn tortilla chips to share.  

Good idea mama!

For about 2 minutes.

It was then discovered by one of the two (I won’t mention any names, but lets just say he instigates a lot of these incidents these days….ahem) that much more fun than eating the chips is tossing them around the kitchen and then driving all the trucks, cars and babies (!) through the chips to spread them ALL…OVER….THE….PLACE.

I, of course, see this going on in front of my very eyes, but being in the throes of much needed adult-conversation, I ignore it.  Afterall, they’re having fun.  And I am having an adult conversation.  Did I mention how much I need adult conversati0n sometimes?  No harm done.

I step in, however…when the aforementioned young instigator breaks a bowl.

A plastic bowl.

Enough said.




For awhile there, I thought that our kids were all hip and cool with their nalgene sippy cups.  UNTIL….it was announced that the plastics used to make these cups and so many other cups, baby bottles, etc. are the worst kind of plastic for leaching the chemical  BPA, (a synthetic sex hormone that mimics estrogen) which can cause fertility problems, cancer, etc.

95% of all baby bottles and cups on the market are made with BPA, at levels which can disrupt their development.  

If you want to read about it, this is a good article

Anyway, I went ahead and ordered some of these

(this is not my kid)**

I’m excited to get them in the mail soon!  And let’s hope they come out with some more alternatives for parents needing alternatives.  argh.

A few other little randoms:
The doll I made for Hosanna May for Christmas. 
Her name is Sylvia, and she’s already looking a little ratty…hair especially.  🙂


This is the daffodil plant my momma bought me as an attempt to help me rise out of my pit of winter blues-dom.  It helped for sure.  The flowers are gone now, but there will be more (I hope).  I love flowers.


Hosanna’s newest favourite thing to do is play dress up with all the hats, scarves and mitts.  She’s a peach.  I like her. 


**mystery kid photo credit:  the reusable bags website


(somehow i got the italics stuck on this post.  can’t turn them off.)


so i decided to quit being a wimp and get my butt outside. i bundled up the kids in their gear, put hosanna into the little umbrella stroller (doesn’t work so well on snowy sidewalks, but too hard to get the bigger one into some of the stores….)and headed out (30 minutes later) down the street to “the clothesline”, which is our local second-hand shop. i LOVE to go thrift store shopping!
so, we arrive at the store after battling the COLD, biting wind and snowy sidewalks. (i have no mitts either, for some reason….like they keep walking off???!?!?!)
i find a cute jacket.  yay!
i make my way slowly through about 1/4 of the store…hosanna’s fussy….she’s whining and distracting me.
then joshijah informs me he has to go pee. no potties at this store. argh. i consider telling him to “just go”….until i remember that he’s not wearing any pull-ups. just some curious george absorbancy.shucks.*sigh*

ok. better be the responsible parent that i am.

we paid for the jacket and high-tailed it home.
another adventurous day in the life of me.
did i tell you all that i am going to norway with jeremy in march!?
yep.  for 10 days.


I have got a SERIOUS case of cabin fever these days.  ARGH!
The weather here is SO C-C-C-C-Cold, it would be not right for me to take the kids outside.  Besides, why would i want to freeze my dang knickers off?!?!?!
So, here i am hunkering down, but BOY am i bored.  sure, there are a hundred things i could be doing.  but i don’t wanna. *whiney voice*  i wanna go and play outside.  i wanna walk in flip flops and a tank top to the park and push the kids on the swings.  i want to get the hoe out and start getting the garden ready for planting.  i want to walk down the street and look in the windows of the shops. 



*pulls hair out* 

here’s where the fun begins…


why is jeremy wearing these hot-looking, sweet-action galoshes?

is it because the spring rains have begun to spread their love, with promises of sunshiney days and blossoms up ahead?!? 

is it because we are attending another ball for the boot-wearing jazz-lovers?

nope! and nope!
no, dear readers….uh-uh.

in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. 
spring is nowhere to be seen, and we have no such fun parties to attend in the near future….

what we have here is a veritable basement flooding.   the sump-pump decided it had done enough work for the year and took a vay-cay.  alas…water everywhere.   

so, jeremy donned his fancy footwear and got to work. 
shortly thereafter i quietly tiptoed down the stairs to let him gently know that the hot water heater wasn’t working….the pilot light went out.  (this happens when it gets windy outside….weird…  i guess we should get this igloo insulated afterall.  hmmm.  who knew?)  oh and here’s a little post-it note about jeremy…he did all of this with a wicked, seething sinus infection, which he has been battling for 4 days now…terribly painful….when i get a sinus headache, i am out.of.commission.  fully.  can we say woos-bag?  but jer…well, he’s a trooper. 

i then went upstairs to get the kids some dessert.  and, the yogurt container promptly fell out of the fridge upside-down all over the floor.  joshijah got to work and started licking it clean.  i can always count on joshijah to help out in my hour of need.  🙂

here’s me, just showing you the zit i woke up with this morning.  yesssss…sweeeeeet:


and a much more poised picture of me showing you my chapped winter lips:  
mmm.  check those crazy-woman eyes.   

yikes, it actually frightens me a little to look at this picture.  eww. 
how is everyone else doing?  🙂

the best things in life.

ever notice that there’s not a better feeling in the world than a 2 year old huggin’ your neck for dear life? 

yeah, me too. 

i like to drink it in, cause i know, as soon as i blink, they’ll be driving away. 

(don’t even want to think about that though.)

enough of that!

ok, ok…
many people have been complaining about the “banana pancakes”.  well, not the pancakes, but the fact that every time they come to check this blog, the banana pancakes entry has been staring them in the face.  time to buck up and start typing again. 
a lot has happened since my last post, and then again….not much really. 

christmas was great.  very simple and quiet this year.  we planned it that way, and it was splendid.  the way it should be! 
right after christmas, we flew to texas…after hemming and hawing for a couple of days about what to do with our feverish, snotty, coughing children.  *sigh*…yeah that time of the year for all things pertaining to phlegm.  blech. 
texas was fabulous…once the kids were feeling better.  jeremy and i were even able to have a little romantic getaway here  for our FIVE.YEAR. ANNIVERSARY!!! (i mean, seriously….5 years already?! how did this happen? )
upon arriving back home, the cold and snow welcomed us with its frenzied ways,  sending me into deep longing for sunny days, sandals and flowey skirts.  the cold weather must have been responsible for sending us back into the cycle of phelgm.  each one of us got sick again.  i will be glad to get this out of our systems. 

anyways, things are looking up.  we’re starting to feel better and february is just around the corner…which means that spring is only….um….3 months away???  we do have a trip to NORWAY to look forward to!!!  and maybe i’ll get a big box of chocolate for valentines.  that always makes me feel better.  🙂

in closing, a couple of pics:


the kids in their jammies at my sister’s house…and me eating cake for steve’s birthday.  🙂  mmm…..


family snow pic…joshijah is really trying to smile.   this is his TRYING to smile face.  🙂