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ready or not!

Jeremy’s best friend Max is getting married to Brigitte in Norway, and Jeremy is the best man, so…

In less than a month, Jeremy and I will be heading to Norway, alone.  With NO kids! 
While to some that sounds divine and delightful, to me…well, it does sound that way on occasion, but …I have to admit, I have been feeling some trepidation and anxiety.  First of all, I am not one who typically enJOYs flying.  neh.  uh.uh.  don’t like the whole idea. 
Second, we are going for 10 days.  1o DAYS!!!  on another continent.  without the kids.  what will I do?  They are going to be all grown up by the time we get back. 

Anyways… they will be in good hands and I am praying that I will be able to relax and enjoy myself enough to get a good look at those beautiful fjords and do some glacier hiking. 

I’ve been feeling a bit direction-less lately.  Feeling like I need to have something before me to which I am steadily moving torward.  I feel like I need some clarity, some direction, some prodding???  I think this trip to Norway will be a good chance to get some time to spend with myself, with my husband,  and with God.  Figuring stuff out.  I have been missing out on early morning quiet times with Jesus.  I find the kids have been getting up earlier and earlier, and I just  I know this is why I feel directionless. 

Jer and I were talking about committing to pray and ask God (individually and together) to begin to speak to us about where we are, what we are doing and what we are supposed to be doing…etc.   We are not really the 5-year-plan kind of people (at all!), but i know that when I have nothing to move towards, I feel hopeless.  I have lost sight momentarily of what we are to do.  I guess most importantly, I desire to know what’s on God’s heart for us so that I can pray towards it and usher in God’s will for our lives.  I believe that as a wife and a mother….that is one of my main purposes.  To KNOW where God is leading us and to PRAY for His hand to move.  I think often it is assumed that if God wills something for us, it will happen, no matter what.  I don’t believe this is always the case.  He has decidedly partnered with us, giving us the authority to ask and receive, to have faith and see Him move in response to it.  It doesn’t always land in our laps.  That’s actually quite rare. 
Anyways…all this to say that I think some good fresh Norweign air and some quiet time with God and Jeremy will do wonders.  I pray that I can hear God speaking clearly. 


enough of that!

ok, ok…
many people have been complaining about the “banana pancakes”.  well, not the pancakes, but the fact that every time they come to check this blog, the banana pancakes entry has been staring them in the face.  time to buck up and start typing again. 
a lot has happened since my last post, and then again….not much really. 

christmas was great.  very simple and quiet this year.  we planned it that way, and it was splendid.  the way it should be! 
right after christmas, we flew to texas…after hemming and hawing for a couple of days about what to do with our feverish, snotty, coughing children.  *sigh*…yeah that time of the year for all things pertaining to phlegm.  blech. 
texas was fabulous…once the kids were feeling better.  jeremy and i were even able to have a little romantic getaway here  for our FIVE.YEAR. ANNIVERSARY!!! (i mean, seriously….5 years already?! how did this happen? )
upon arriving back home, the cold and snow welcomed us with its frenzied ways,  sending me into deep longing for sunny days, sandals and flowey skirts.  the cold weather must have been responsible for sending us back into the cycle of phelgm.  each one of us got sick again.  i will be glad to get this out of our systems. 

anyways, things are looking up.  we’re starting to feel better and february is just around the corner…which means that spring is only….um….3 months away???  we do have a trip to NORWAY to look forward to!!!  and maybe i’ll get a big box of chocolate for valentines.  that always makes me feel better.  🙂

in closing, a couple of pics:


the kids in their jammies at my sister’s house…and me eating cake for steve’s birthday.  🙂  mmm…..


family snow pic…joshijah is really trying to smile.   this is his TRYING to smile face.  🙂

picture catch-up…

ok, so i have been a slacker and still hadn’t put up any photos from our trip to texas…here are a few (actually the first 2 are not in texas… the rest are).

that’s my girl…

and my boy….what an artist!!
jeremy at whole foods….oh i love whole foods. 
(we don’t have it here….we only get to go in texas.)

jer and i stayed at a really nice hotel in houston.  this was our room. 
jer being silly in the hallway….in his robe.  🙂

at the pool…
the hot-tub at night……ahhhh…..
our good friends taylor and leah and their new baby elliott. 

granny took us all out for mexican.  our fave!

at the restaurant…
nana snugglin’ with joshijah and gabe (so cute!!!)

papa, hosanna, uncle evan, nana, gabe

papa and hosanna may…

wesley and hosanna may…
granny and hosanna may…

uncle kenny, ethan, and gabe….
daddy and aunt sarah playin’ with the kids…
cool cat.

oh how lovely!

sorry i haven’t been posting!
we are still in texas, and jer and i are currently AT A VERY NICE HOTEL ALL BY OURSELVES!!!
we’ve gone out for lunch (mexican!), dinner …(cajun seafood!), walked through the mall, watched a movie in bed, slept in real late, breakfasted at a cool coffee shop, did some shopping at a couple of cool vintage shops (my fave…a bit more pricey than my typical “thrift shops”, but …you gotta spoil yourselves every now and again, right?)

so, yes, we are having a lovely time! 

my brain seems a bit fuzzy right now, its not used to this luxurious laziness…so..i think i’m gonna leave it there for now….  *yawn*  its naptime.  *smile*

i’ll be back soon….!


wow! i haven’t been online FOREVER it seems!  now i’m just checking my email, blogs, facebook, etc….
we were staying at my mom and dad’s for a while, while they were up at the cottage.  it was SO nice to have some more space!  what a treat it was.  🙂  the kids were happy (and therefore, so were we!) … they slept great, played great, etc….

now i have my computer hooked up to the internet again, but alas, TOMORROW WE LEAVE FOR TEXAS FOR 12 (count ’em!) days! 

we are excited! 

i’ll be online there however, so i’ll spread the texas love.  🙂

ok, for fun….check out this website.  you can draw a crazy mustache on any picture, and make it grow, cut it, etc….AND THEN! you can send it to someone and it will TALK…the mouth moves and everything.  just sayin’, if you’re bored.  

i’ll try and post some more later today when i get a chance!  if not, i will see you from the deep-south!