ok, here’s the ‘after’ shot.

Here are the promised pics of my new hair!

I think I like it.

It feels fresh and clean.

I feel a bit like a french girl.  🙂





So…..what do you think?!?!


13 responses to “ok, here’s the ‘after’ shot.

  1. you do look like a french girl…goes great with your Euro-boy…I like it very much, in fact, it looks like you belong in one of those hairstyle magazines…lovely!

  2. I LUV it…I have been trying to find the guts to get the same haircut, but I’m chicken. I know it will be easier, but its my hair!!!!!!!! ugh

  3. thanks! thanks!
    it is easier for sure. 🙂

  4. you are stylin’ gurl….very nice. but then again …you always seem to look beautiful
    ❤ momma

  5. not too sure about the last picture though….you look a bit *strange* heheheh , as Grandma would say.

  6. Cute haircut. I bet it would look cute with side swept bangs also. Looks great with your face shape.

  7. yeah, i really would love bangs, but i have this CRAZY cowlick in the dead centre of my forehead, which makes my hair go nuts. bangs usually don’t lay flat and that can look, ummm….really bad. on me. 🙂
    thanks everyone!

  8. i like it! you have preeeety hair!
    i want preeety hair….actually, forget it, i just want hair!!!!! *sob*

  9. awww sara! you have hair!
    you always look ama-za-zing!
    you are a hot-mama!

  10. What an adorable hair cut! You look gorgeous! 🙂

  11. Wi, wi…or how ever you spell it. I love it! Super sassy and yes, mysteriously Euorpean. Nice choice. is the color darker? It looks darker.

  12. nope, it’s not darker.
    thanks kelly!

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